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Yearly Creatives Calendar® Wall Peel, Calligraphy Days

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About the Yearly Creatives Calendar® Wall Peel, Calligraphy Days

Whether you're a "Creative" by way of vocation or heart, any one of our line of simple yet beautiful fine art calendars will be the perfect planning solution for your creative life!

This oh-so-smart Yearly Creatives Calendar® Wall Peel will stick to any non-brick wall you like! With spaces to fill in your own dates and a unique reposition-able adhesive, you'll be plotting and planning with style and ease (and fun)! Seriously – going to a planning meeting? Just peel this sucker off your wall, move over to the next office and slap it back up on the wall. Plan your heart out, and then move it back to your office. How cool is that?!

Note!: This listing is for ONE calendar, for one year, and (since you use pen or regular markers and not dry or wet erase marker) it is NOT re-useable year/year. For every year you'd like to use it, you'll need to purchase a new calendar.

      • Fine art reproduction of Lindsay's original artwork.
      • Proudly made – just for you – in the USA!
      • All artwork ©Lindsay Sherbondy. All rights reserved.

      The Creatives Calendar® Wall Peel

      • Choose from Sunday or Monday start.
      • Wall Peel is made of removable, reusable and repositionable poly/paper fabric with adhesive liner
      • Weight: 240 gsm
      • Thickness: 6 mil
      • Matte finish.
      • Q: Will it stick to my wall?
        A: Outside of plain brick, the only surface that we have seen work against the adhesive is the combination of Eggshell Paint on a Textured Surface. (Eggshell paint is mainly used in the kitchen and has intentional additives that allow it to be cleaned with detergents). Our material has the ability to stick to this paint; however, when the paint is on a textured surface, then only half the adhesive is touching the actual surface. In some cases, this type of surface combined with eggshell paint’s additives can make it difficult for the material to work. If you experience trouble with the sticking, we will exchange your calendar for store credit.

      About the artist

      Lindsay Sherbondy is a painter, calligrapher, graphic designer and authenticity-advocate that believes you are worthy of meaningful art! She started Lindsay Letters® (accidentally) in 2009, and has been working (intentionally) at creating beautiful and meaningful works for you to love & make your own ever since.



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