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Yard Sale
šŸŒ§ ā˜€ļø The sale is on, rain or shine! Everything is under tents or in the garage. See you there!

We had so much fun at the first Girls House yard saleĀ that we're hosting a second one! (Two years in a row makes something a tradition, right?)
Thursday, May 19, 2022 (3 pm - 8 pm)
Friday, May 20, 2022 (9 am - 3 pm)Ā 
* We ask that no one shows up more than a half hour before we open, as we'll be busy bees getting everything set up! If you'd like to show up as early as 2:30 pm on Thursday or 8:30 am on Friday, please feel free to bring something yummy to drink and hang out in the yard. There won't be any kind of enforced "line" or order of entry, fyi.
211 W. Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
What to Expect:
You can expect to seeĀ art that we've used during photoshoots over the last year, along with some home goods. If you came to last year's sale: we will have less art than last year, but much of it will be newer. Art that's new to the LL site in 2022Ā will be sold at 50% off the retail priceā€”and this includes art we photographed for the new water collection that we are releasing the week AFTER the yard sale! Art that isn't new to the site will be sold at a deeper discount.

The best place to park is South Street,Ā which is where the driveway/garage of the Girls House is located off of. There is some parking on Main Street, but it's limited and a busy road. W. Lane Street (a block behind the Girls House) is also an option.

Location Details/Accessibility:

The yard sale will take place in the garage and the driveway, which is all one level butĀ older and in rugged shape. There is a raised deck that may be used for some smaller items, but not artwork.Ā 

Further Questions:

This page will be refreshed with the latest informationā€”so if you have a question aboutĀ inclementĀ weather or other last minute changes, please check back here. For any additional questions, feel free to email hello@lindsayletters.co. Finally, while Lindsay will not be at the yard sale, aĀ couple of members from our team will be and we cannot wait to meet you or see you again!