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Meet Team LL



Lindsay is the owner and artist behind Lindsay Letters® but getting her work into the world and serving the LL community is a collective effort. Meet the team behind the scenes!


ll team photo


joy neal

JOY NEAL / MARKETING DIRECTOR Joy has been friends with Lindsay for over ten years, but she started working as client support for LL in 2018, while she was living in Indonesia. When Lindsay needed to take a leave of absence to focus on Eva and family, Joy was in a position to take over day-to-day operations. She deferred her Master's program and offered herself full-time to Lindsay Letters, helping organize a team around a new season of LL. As the business continues to grow, her role has evolved to focus specifically on communications and marketing, informed by her experience in client care and operations. 

BECCA JENSEN / CLIENT & TEAM CARE, MARKETING COORDINATOR Becca met Lindsay years ago when they both worked on staff at Heartland Church in Rockford, and she has been an avid fan and supporter since the beginning days of Lindsay Letters! Becca is married to her husband, Dan, and they have three kids—Ian, Mia and Connor—that keep her busy. In her free time, she loves to create and has been Bible Journaling for over 5 years. Joining the Lindsay Letters team has been a major blessing as it allows her to blend her creativity and passion for art with her passion to care for and set others up for success.  

Lindsay Letters Team

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