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Meet Team LL

Lindsay is the owner and artist behind all of the work you see at Lindsay Letters®, but getting her work out into the world and serving the LL community is a collective effort. Meet the team behind the scenes!

Laura Kackley, Art Director 

To introduce Laura is to introduce a big piece of LL history, as she's the one who convinced Lindsay to start the business over nine years ago! Shortly after, Lindsay showed up at Laura's doorstep with a handful of art prints and asked for her help styling and photographing them. Laura's skills in both photography and styling came together in a stars-aligning, full-circle kind of way, and it was the start of a long, fruitful partnership between the two of them. // In addition to photographing most of the beautiful images on (and photographing over 350 weddings, and and building a diverse portfolio working with other brands and design clients), Laura has been Lindsay's unofficial art director all these years—a position that became official this year. // Outside of Lindsay Letters, Laura's days are filled with church leadership (alongside her husband Craig) and parenting their three kids: Liam, Olive, and Wally.

Melissa Shutwell, Business Manager

Melissa spent fifteen years in the corporate world before leaving it to focus on her family and advocacy for kids with special needs. She serves as board president for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (one of the largest parent-support networks in the world), is the director of Wonderfully Made (a special needs ministry at Heartland Church), and also directs Night to Remember in Madison. She and her husband Nick have three kids: Maddie, Beckett, and Augie. // It was Melissa's love for Lindsay and the business that led her to take a role as business manager for LL early last summer (on top of all the other hats she wears). It's really hard to imagine what these last few months would have looked like without her expertise, know-how, and willingness to pitch in and do hands-on work wherever there's a gap.

 Joy Neal, Studio Manager

Joy has been friends with Lindsay for over ten years, but she started working for Lindsay Letters in 2018, when she was living in Indonesia (with her humanitarian pilot husband, Pete, and their son, Anders). After moving back to the States in 2018, she started to help Lindsay with other aspects of the business, like writing newsletters, working with fulfillment partners, and social media support. When Lindsay needed to take a sudden leave of absence to focus on Eva Love and family, Joy was in a position to take over day-to-day operations. Within a week of seeing how much Lindsay had been shouldering and managing herself, she deferred her Master's program and offered herself full-time to Lindsay Letters, helping to organize the team around a new season of Lindsay Letters.

 Beth Decaluwe, Client Support

Beth joined the team for temporary customer service support for the 2019 Holiday Collection, but we quickly realized she was the final piece to the LL puzzle. She's been an executive assistant for over ten years, and we're so thankful to have her offering LL customers the same kind of attention and support that she offers to high-powered executives in her day job. She was also a small business owner for ten years, as a wedding photographer. Beth is married to Nick and has two precious dogs, Finley and Roman. 

Lindsay Letters Team

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