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Come Thou Fount | Bind My Wandering Heart (Duo)

The Art Bar®

The Art Bar®

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thoughts from lindsay!

Come Thou Fount and Bind My Wandering Heart can each be purchased separately, with additional background color and framing options; but we thought some of our clients may appreciate the opportunity to visualize and order them together as photographed for the 2020 Autumn Collection.

From Lindsay: 

Come thou Fount was one of the first Letterpress Prints and canvases I ever created, way back in 2011! It became a fast fan favorite, and I’ve been meaning to create this, its counterpart, for quite awhile. (Where does the time go?!)

Gosh, for us (and many of you), my last few years have really tested my faith, more now than ever. If I’m honest, there have been times where I have felt––hoped, really––that there was another way, another life than following God. But, really and truly, all roads lead me back to Him.

While playing worship one night, these lyrics struck me: “Let Thy Goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to Thee.” And I thought yes, I feel these words so deeply. To know God is to know His goodness, and on my best days I can remember and believe that, to my very core. There is no other God worthy of my love and life and praise.

About The Artist (lindsay!)

Lindsay Sherbondy is a painter, calligrapher, graphic designer and authenticity-advocate that believes you are worthy of meaningful art! She started Lindsay Letters® (accidentally) in 2009, and has been working (intentionally) at creating beautiful and meaningful works for you to love & make your own ever since.