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Watch :: Holiday Home Collection 2020

A little peek at the of Lindsay Letters "Girl's House," and a message from me (Lindsay) about the Holiday Home Collection.
Click to watch & listen*, and then be sure to check out the collection, here!

*For our friends with hearing loss, I apologize that there is no closed captioning, but here's what I'm saying in the video!:

Hey friends, it’s Lindsay from Lindsay Letters. 💛 I’m an artist, and a wife, and a mom—and I just want to say that I recognize that we have all been home for a VERY LONG TIME. But with the holiday season upon us, I’m inviting you to join me and my team in transitioning your mind and your mindset from the confinement of home, to the beauty and the blessing of home. In the same way that getting ourselves dressed-up and ready can uplift our mood, the same can be true of our homes. I’ve created a cozy holiday collection of art, full of meaningful lettered pieces, abstract paintings and fun vintage finds — all in an effort to help you make your home feel personal, beautiful and meaningful. So check out the new collection now, and together let's raise a glass – a toast to home this holiday season! We're all home for the holidays anyway, right? So let's make the most of it. Thanks for stopping by, and happy holidays!
xo, lindsay