Sparkling Sand
I was in the pool with Eva recently and I had this sudden thought: "Winter will come again."
Not just "winter," the season of cold, but winter as in the season of hard stuff.
I know, that's not really the kind of revelation people want to hear. At least I didn't, ever, before Eva's accident when I couldn't stand to think of anything remotely sad or unsettling. But now, on this side of tragedy, I can't escape the reality of both the highs and lows of life, even if I wanted to. 

Until winter entered my mind, I had been thinking about how I should be working. Dugan had recently gotten home from work, Phoenix was with his grandma, and Eva and I had been in the pool together for quite awhile already. My to-do list started creeping into focus, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the pool. Eva was floating with me so peacefully, her head in my hands, eyes closed and smiling with delight every once and awhile. The birds were chirping, and there was the perfect mix of sun and shade from puffy clouds. I was looking around for a nearby towel to reluctantly start our exit from the pool, and that's the moment the thought came to me: Winter will come again.

Eva had just gone to the emergency room the previous night for an unexpected medication need (everything is fine now), and it was a reminder that the line between life in the hospital and life out of the hospital is fine and can change in a moment. But for now, we are here. HOME. Our new home. For now, she is healthy, and we are all healthy, and we are together. In this place we've been trying to get to for three years. We are here, and we are together, and we are healthy, and she is happily floating.

So, I decided to stay put. To soak it up. To spend an unnecessarily long time in the pool on a random Wednesday afternoon when I should have been painting and brainstorming for a holiday marketing meeting. Instead, I asked Siri to play Bob Marley, and I just stayed there. Winter will surely come again, this I know. But that day isn't today. Today, in this moment, it's Summer. Praise God.

Sometimes, I think art can serve as a beautiful distraction. Sometimes, it can provide meditative moments of delight. And sometimes, it really just needs to serve as the backdrop to your life. Kind of like music. Sometimes, music sets the tone. Other times, music needs to just be this thing in the background that compliments all that's already happening around it. This is what the Summer Neutrals collection is – a visual soundtrack to Summer.

After being in the fine art business for twelve years, I know the summer months aren't prime art buying time. You're outside! You're busy! It's not exactly cozy-in-and-start-nesting season. However, it is a wonderful season to entertain... even if it's just your family in the breakfast nook for berries and cream and sweet tea. And while you're in your home, even if it's in between cookouts and pool parties, a lovely and neutral canvas can help to create the breezy summer vibe that makes this season so great. 

These neutral paintings don't expire. They work all year long. But they will set a lovely backdrop for putting on sunscreen, staying cool on the couch, or gathering s'mores supplies before the firepit. Calm Confetti is my personal favorite, and Silver Beauty will surprise you. (Especially big, so you see all that good texture.) Alabaster Flag feels vintagey and like a fun way to be festive without needing to make everything red, white and blue. 
I hope you take time this summer to really soak it in. We'd be honored to be a fly on the wall (or a canvas in your kitchen) while you do.
xo, lindsay

the summer neutrals

p.s. If you find yourself in Winter, even right this minute, let me say that I understand. Not your exact circumstance, but I understand how it feels to be aching and sad when the rest of the world seems to be going on around you. I am so sorry for your pain. It won't be like this forever, I can promise you that. Even if it feels that way. Winter always feels like forever, and then Summer always comes.