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Affiliate Program & Trade Discounts

We deeply value the creativity and support of our Brand Partners, and we strive to make the experience mutually beneficial!


Lindsay Letters is part of both ShareASale and LTK (RewardStyle). We offer 10% commission on full-retail purchases made through your affiliate links, and 5% commission on discounted purchases made through your affiliate links.

If you are a creator on LTK, you can start generating affiliate links anytime!

If you are a member of ShareASale, submit your request to earn commission through this link. Then, send an email to and let us know that you're awaiting approval on ShareASale. (Please also let us know where we can find you online or on social media!)


If you are a designer who uses Lindsay Letters art in your projects, we would be pleased to offer you a tiered discount code: 10% off orders over $150, 15% off orders over $250, and 20% off orders over $500.

To request a trade discount, email with "trade" in the subject line. Please introduce yourself and include a link to your website, portfolio, and/or Instagram handle. If accepted, you'll receive a Welcome letter with an explanation of your trade benefits.