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Holiday Production + Shipping Times

Holiday Production & Shipping Info

Thank you for supporting Lindsay Letters this holiday season! We 💛 being part of holiday decorating & thoughtful gifting, and we're so grateful for your business. Fulfillment and shipping is challenging even in the most non-2020 of holiday seasons, and we want to be totally upfront with you about what we're anticipating this year.

* First, if you have an order number, we are watching your order! Our teammate Hannah (enneagram 2w1) wakes up every morning, makes a cup of black coffee, and reviews all open orders. If your order looks slower than the flow of fulfillment, she checks in with production. You can also track the status of your Lindsay Letters order at your convenience. You're also always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and Becca or Beth will get back to you as soon as possible.

* We are no longer listing production times at checkout, as they will be fluctuating daily. Orders are taking roughly taking 3 - 5 days (for art prints), and 5 - 13 days for everything else. Delays beyond this are possible. (One reason for a delay: If your made-to-order piece didn't pass quality inspection, it has to be created again from scratch, setting back the fulfillment time.) 

* We expect an increase in delayed shipments this year, which is why we suggest ordering as early as possible. We will not be replacing orders stuck in the mail until we are confident that they are truly lost—which might mean long pauses in tracking where your package seems stuck. The later your order is placed, the more likely a delayed package will not arrive by December 24.

95% of the time, missing or delayed packages eventually show up, which is why we are not replacing delayed packages until we are confident they are lost in the mail, mis-delivered, or returned-to-sender.

* The bottom line on production and delivery times? The only thing we can absolutely guarantee that you will have by Christmas morning is our lovely, gift-able E-Gift card. For everything else: we'll all do our best, and we'll figure it out!

While we're short on promises, our guarantee remains. You're going to love what you get, or we'll replace it with something you will. We're extending our Delight Guarantee to 60 days over the holiday season, just to give all of us a little more time and grace. (And hey, in 60 days we won't be in 2020 anymore!)

If you have any questions, you can always contact us here.

team photo

The team behind your order! Not pictured: Our amazing web team (Kevin and Jordan), our dedicated fulfillment partners, the talented men and women hand-crafting everything you order at Lindsay Letters Co. right here in the USA—and all the USPS and UPS staff that are playing a giant, cross-country relay race to get your order from Madison, Raleigh, Texas, or Colorado to your doorstep and in your hands. 💛