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📦 Production & Shipping

Thank you for supporting Lindsay Letters! We love being part of your decorating & thoughtful gifting, and we're so grateful for your business. 

Production Times
(last updated 1/25/2023)

Quick-ship Items: 3-7 business days
Includes: Art Prints (unframed), 
Apparel, Gift Shop Items, & Blankets

Bespoke Art Items: 5-7 business days
Includes: Framed Art Prints, Canvases (framed & unframed), Creatives Calendars 

(These bespoke art items are more complex, and the process can take longer to print, build, package and ship).

Most packages will arrive in a timely manner once they are in the carrier's hands, but others may see delays, skipped scans, and pauses. If your order appears to be stuck in the mail, you may log in to your UPS MyChoice account and initiate a ticket.

If you have an order number, we are watching your order! You can also track the status of your order at your convenience. You're also always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our products are 98% made-to-order! We are proud of this business model, and love making things just for you! It means that there is no wasted product, and you get exactly what you want. There are printers all over America that are creating your LL order, and many times different parts of your order will ship from different places. As such, the packaging might be inconsistent. And frankly, less adorable than we would like. (But, it's effective, protective, and cost-efficient for you!) And, it's packaged with love and care!

While we're short on promises, our guarantee remains. You're going to love what you get, or we'll replace it with something you will! Our Delight Guarantee is extended to 60 days for orders placed during the holiday season, so that you can order and gift with confidence!

xo, lindsay & team