Sparkling Water

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For the last several years, we've created a collection for you around the theme of water. Water can mean a lot of different things to people. You might hear "water" and think of the beach, the pool, a lake... you might think of the ocean, or a cold glass in your hand, or a refreshing shower, or even baptism. Water is essential for everyday life, and we also associate it with luxury and leisure. Because water does feel so meaningful, and maybe especially because (to my Midwestern heart) it signifies that SUMMER is here, I think it might be my favorite collection to create! I also love creating things I know you're going to like, and I know you're going to love this one!!!

2022 Water Collection

This year's collection is a little more dialed in. The mood board that Laura created (below) before I started painting really helped us hone in on a color palette where everything truly does incorporate seamlessly together. It's meant to feel refreshing, cool, effortless, and happy. There are some warmer tones and neutrals mixed in with the blues, which feel easier to incorporate into a home year-round even if you don't live in a lake house or near an ocean! 

The MoodboardMoodboard

The Collection

easy, everyday pieces

We try to be intentional about not depending on the architecture of a home to showcase Lindsay Letters artwork. We want these pieces to work for you whether you live in a dream home or a dorm room, a brownstone or builder grade... wherever! So we set up little scenes and change or paint a few backgrounds to create a sense of space. Throughout this shoot I kept thinking, I don't know where this is, but I know I want to be there...

Creamsicle Isle

Set of Four Art Prints

acid washed

... and that's the heart of what art is trying to do, right? It sets the tone for a space. It can transport you, it can calm you, it can make you more content within your own four walls. No matter what, it makes you feel something. And we hope you love the way the pieces from this collection make you feel. 

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p.s. We just rolled out an exciting new feature on the website, currently available exclusively on The 2022 Water Collection! Now as you're shopping you can select your preferred view: styled (which is the default), simple, or art print. We think it's super fun and helpful, but we'd love to know what you think about it! Leave us a comment or drop us an email:

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