Whenever we release a collection of art (which is about four times a year, with mini drops in between), there are two comments we often see from people who love the new art but are probably not going to select anything for themselves.

One is: "I need more walls!"

We love this comment.

We want you to enjoy your LL art for years or even a lifetime, and however (in)frequently you want to change your walls for a fresh view is a personal preference. So if you are not in the market for art because your walls are filled with pieces that delight you, please: experience a new collection like a stroll through a cool art gallery where you have a complimentary membership. (Maybe grab a cute shirt or yummy candle from the gift shop.)

The other comment along these lines sounds similar but says something totally different. 

"There are too many beautiful options. I can never decide!"

This is a very kind compliment, and we take it as one. But the idea of not choosing art because you're overwhelmed with beautiful options honestly hurts our hearts a little. Lindsay loves adding new art to the shop and offering lots of customizations so that you can find something that feels really personal to you and your home... not to create option paralysis!

An empty feature wall only says "I've got all of my options open" for so long before it starts saying other things.

Things like...

"I'm a missed opportunity for beauty in your life."

Or, "You've waited so long... why even bother?"

Or even, "Art isn't for you. It's for some future version of you that's more put together."

(You might try walking around your home and asking what each of your walls are currently communicating, and what you would like them to communicate in that particular room.)

Indecision is usually fueled by perfectionism, FOMO, or a lack of trust in ourselves or a process. A way around those mental hurdles when selecting art is to see our homes as an evolving story, not a destination. You'll never regret any iteration of your walls if you're treating them as what they are: opportunities for beauty, joy, inspiration, and self-expression... in exactly this season.

Art makes a difference. A bigger one than you realize until you make a choice, hang it on your wall, see how it changes the whole vibe of your space, and listen to it speak beauty and truth to you every day.

You are worthy of meaningful art. This very version of you, in this very version of your home.

Here to help every step of the way,

Joy & The LL Team

P.S. No but really, how can we help? Email us at hello@lindsayletters.co, or sign up to get texts from us and then text us back. We love looking at photos of your space and offering our suggestions!

P.P.S. Ready to fill that blank space, baby? Check out Lindsay's new collection of timeless pieces that incorporate beautifully into any space!