Hi! It's birthday week at the Sherbondy house (that's right — both kids, the week before Thanksgiving (🥳🎉), and every around this time I love to do a little something in the LL shop in their honor. This year feels a little extra special, and it's with a very full and tender heart that I introduce you to Eva's Manifesto and the Bravery Manifesto.


First, the Bravery Manifesto. I wrote this piece in honor of my son Phoenix Brave, whose birthday is this very day! He’s such an amazing dude, and he has been through so much these last few years. (As with all kids through this pandemic.) I wrote these words after tucking him in one night while Eva was in the hospital, and I had this thought like: Phoenix would never call himself brave. I don’t think he realizes he is brave. But he’s making it through. And shining. And that is bravery. Moving forward, and making it through.

Bravery Manifesto

“Bravery isn’t a feeling, it’s a decision. It’s knowing what scares you, what the risks are, what’s at stake, what’s going to be difficult, and going anyway. Doing it anyway. Deciding anyway. Bravery is fear and worry deferred..." Read the rest, here →

I picture this piece on your kids' walls, as words to live by as they grow up. But I also created this piece with some super brave adults in mind! I hope that you can use this art as an inspiring gift to loved ones who might be walking through a challenging season. (Or even as a reminder to yourself!)

And now, Eva’s Manifesto!

So many of you have so graciously followed along with our family over these last few years. The prayers, the good vibes, the thoughtful comments, the cards, the drawings, the gifts, the stories from your kids – all of those have been lifelines for us. I thought and prayed about what she might say to all of you, if she could, and what came out was this:

Eva's Manifesto

“You are an amazing, wonderful, perfectly-made, beautiful, strong, heart and soul of a human. You probably do not even understand how incredible you are. But trust me! You are!” Read the rest →

(You can also read the blog post I wrote on Eva's birthday two days ago, about how I get to see her express and communicate love to others even now that she's non-verbal.)


And finally, birthday candles! We collaborated with Craft + Foster to add a Brave Candle (for Phoenix) to our popular Worthy of Love Candle (Eva’s candle). They each come with a mini-print, and they're available individually or as a gift set.

Lighting candles is my favorite act of self care, for me and for my family. It makes every day feel special! They each chose their signature candle scent – Phoenix chose Light Lemon Sugar (Brave Candle)… I think it smells like his favorite pound cake. It’s a very subtle, yummy scent. Eva chose Apricot Rose (Worthy of Love), and it makes her room smell like heaven. Both candles would make incredible gifts, alone or together!

Thank you for being part of my kids' lives over the years, through your support of my family and small business. Know that I am so incredibly honored to be part of your life and home, through my art. And know that you are braver than you feel, and more than enough. Just as you are. 💞