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Unity Printable
(Unity Printable by Lindsay Letters Co)
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thoughts from lindsay!

Make their life together a sign of love to this sinful and broken world, that unity may overcome estrangement, forgiveness heal guilt, and joy conquer despair.

Former client, friend, and role model Bethany commissioned me to calligraph this piece as a wedding gift for her husband last summer. The couple found the sentiment in the Book of Common Prayer, and I was so moved by it that I began making duplicates for other friends and family members that were getting married. And now, with Bethany's blessing, it's a pleasure to offer it to all of you. Print in a jiffy for a little lift in your own home or share this pretty prayer with someone special. Wedding photography by Lauryn Byrdy.

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Includes single art print with black lettering on white background.

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About The Artist (lindsay!)

Lindsay Sherbondy is a painter, calligrapher, graphic designer and authenticity-advocate that believes you are worthy of meaningful art! She started Lindsay Letters® (accidentally) in 2009, and has been working (intentionally) at creating beautiful and meaningful works for you to love & make your own ever since.