Last week I (Joy) hosted a party for my husband's grad school classmates, to celebrate the end of their semester. Everyone was vaccinated, and it was WILD hosting people in my home again. Wild! 

(I got so many compliments on Fairy Garden—my favorite of Lindsay's pieces in 2021, possibly ever! We bought our home at the start of the pandemic and focused so much on making it comfortable and functional for our family... I forgot other people would get to enjoy it someday.)

Fairy Garden

One of the conversations we had that evening was about how the pandemic impacted extroverts and introverts differently.

Eight people at a dinner party is a small focus group, but do you know what the common theme was? 

The extroverts said they enjoyed the slower pace and time at home more than they thought they would... and the introverts realized they really do need social activities and togetherness on occasion. 

It's as if quarantine moved all of us out of our comfort zone or uncomfortably into it, and recalibrated our needs for solitude and togetherness.

I'm sharing this because I set out to write about Lindsay's newly expanded Duos & Trios Collection, and this conversation about introversion/extroversion came to mind!

You could call these pieces "ambiverts"—someone whose personality has an equal balance of extrovert and introvert features. They each stand alone beautifully, but they belong together, too. 

norway road trio

moonstone trio

Has staying at home during the pandemic shifted or solidified your extroversion or introversion? Leave a comment on this blog post and tell us! (Pretend you're at a dinner party at the Girls House when you do, okay?)

xoxo, joy and the ll team