Lindsay's Abstract American Flag has a really special place in our hearts. Classic and fresh, timeless and artful, it is (in the words of reviewer Heather P.) "the absolute perfect American flag."

Abstract American Flag Canvas

The sight of the stars & stripes waving against a blue sky is something that can't be improved on. But there is something about Lindsay's painting that really captures my (Joy's) heart and imagination.

It is "perfectly imperfect," which reminds me of that insightful phrase from the Constitution: "more perfect."

Alabaster Saltwash Flag

American Flag Print

In art, as in so many things (faith, home, family, work, community, citizenship): process is everything, and there is no finish line called "perfect." It would be impossible to define what perfection would even look like... especially if you asked more than one person! 

But to leave something more beautiful—more lovely, more just, more excellent, more fair, more honoring, more loving, more cared for—as a result of our having participated and invested in it: that's a really worthy goal. Will it be perfect? Never. But it will be more perfect.

Saltwash Flag

Helping you create a more beautiful life and home is really the heart and mission of Lindsay Letters®. Not for the sake of keeping up with appearances or someone else's standards, but to surround you with beauty, comfort, and inspiration, as you create a more beautiful world around you, in your own way.

American Flag Frame TV

We're thrilled to say that both the Abstract American Flag and Alabaster Saltwash Flag are now offered as Frame TV art—in addition to canvas, print, and download! If you're drawn to it, you have all of the options to make it your very own!

Wishing you a happy, safe, beauty-filled Fourth of July weekend, friends!


Joy & Team