Hello, friends! Happy Summer!

I am so thrilled to announce a new sister brand to Lindsay Letters® – Farmhouse Canvas Co! Here's a little overview of my heart and some quick FAQs about the new brand.

Q: What exactly is Farmhouse Canvas Co?
A: Farmhouse Canvas Co. is a new art brand I'm launching, with lots of notable similarities to Lindsay Letters®. The heartbeat of the brand is the same, but the art will focus more on simple, graphic designed pieces with a fresh, modern-farmhouse feel. While Lindsay Letters® focuses on heavily customizable hand lettered and abstract art, the pieces from Farmhouse Canvas Co. will be mostly black and soft white, and mostly typography and graphic design-driven. My background is graphic design, and it feels life-giving to be stretching this muscle again! The pieces will, of course, be all canvases, with an alabaster white background, and a bit of faux distressing to add character.

Love Like Jesus Canvas

Q: Why make it a separate brand, and not just a new collection?
A: Great question! With a kind of long answer. (Hang with me!) Originally, FCCo was going to be on a totally separate website, and that's where I originally built out the brand. I wanted to see how it would work with a totally different, more simple approach than I'd ever used with LL. This included simple mockups instead of photoshoots, less customization options, using a pre-built website template, and a different (less expensive, but amazing in it's own right!) canvas style. I also wanted it to be especially easy for people who are loolooking specifically for farmhouse-style art to find it, and I thought that might be easier on a website with a very literal name. However! While I was building out this separate, new Farmhouse Canvas Co. website, we were simultaneously working on some more fun incentives for LL customers, including an affiliate and a rewards program, as well as wholesale offerings. It was after those were mostly completed that we stepped back and decided that it really didn't serve our customers well to have the brands be on separate websites. Ultimately, as a customer, I myself would want to have my shipping charges bundled and less, for my rewards points (launched today!) to be added together, and for me to see all of my options in one place. And so, I decided to move it all over to LindsayLetters.co. I'm still keeping it as a separate, sister brand, because the model is still a bit different, and because they are still being created on a different type of canvas than the pieces at The Art Bar. Which brings me to...

Amen Canvas

Q: What happened to "The Art Bar"?
A: We've been getting this question a lot, and my answer is simple –– Nothing! After lots of processing, we have landed on the fact that "Lindsay Letters" is the brand, and "The Art Bar™" is the method. While I tried dropping the Lindsay Letters entirely, The Art Bar wasn't as comprehensive as I needed it to be, because it just speaks to the actual art builder on the website, but not other products that I offer from time to time. (Almost like an operating system is to a computer). Since the creation of my very first digitally reproduced canvas in 2011, being able to cater to different customization needs and tastes of my customers has been a high value of Lindsay Letters, and so the Art Bar is here to stay!

Norway Road Art Print

I hope that you will be so blessed by FCCo, and that some of the pieces will be just the thing you've been looking for! Thanks so much as always for your love, encouragement, and support along the way! Now, go check out Farmhouse Canvas Co!

xo, lindsay