* This post was originally an email on August 26, 2019 *

This is Joy on the LL team, compiling this newsletter on Lindsay's behalf to share some important news about her daughter, Eva.

Here are Lindsay's words, which she shared on Instagram, August 23:

It's so hard for me to write this, because somehow sharing this with you—my many friends that I both have and haven't met—makes this even more real.

Yesterday [August 22], our sweet, sweet seven and a half year old baby girl Eva (pronounced Ava) Love suffered a traumatic brain injury from a weird, totally fluke, very short fall. She went into emergency brain surgery and she is, in the surgeon's words, in critical condition. Her numbers are stable, but everyone keeps reminding us that the next 72 hours are critical and are making no promises as to the outcome.


I'm asking you to join us in trusting God for FULL and complete healing, in Jesus's Holy and Healing Name. 

Eva's name means "Life + Love" and we are boldly proclaiming that over the rest of her long, healthy life!!

Will you please lift up Eva and her care team in your prayers?! I am more scared than I have ever been, but I know I worship a God who is in the business of miracles, who hears us, who is the Ultimate Physician, and that is what we cling to!!! I am so grateful for this community to entrust this huge and important prayer to. 

To God be the Glory!!!! 

Eva Love

Eva Love

Since Lindsay shared that first post, tens of thousands of people have joined their family in lifting up little Eva and believing for her recovery. If you haven't already, would you join us? 

If you've never met Eva, I can tell you this: You'd know she was an artist even before you knew who her mama is. She is wholehearted and expressive, full of laughter, and exceptionally creative. She's beautiful, and sweet, and giggly, and she loves pink. She's active and feisty, but also so tender and caring toward her little brother.

And even if you've never met Lindsay, you may have sensed this: Lindsay has the softest, most sensitive, most empathetic heart. She's one of those people who can't watch sad movies because of how they affect her. But she is also a woman of deep faith and conviction, and to see her hope in this situation is to see God's strength in her. I think of something she once wrote, which some of you may have on a mug in your home:

You are exactly as strong as you think you are. It's God who will surprise you. 

Lindsay and Eva

While the Sherbondy family has a village of support in this season, the Lindsay Letters team itself is very small. It's made up of one part-time employee (me) plus a handful of friends and advisors to the business. When it comes to the vision, planning, creating, and executing behind Lindsay Letters—that's all her. 

As her team, the best way we know to support the Sherbondys at this time is to continue stewarding and promoting her business while she focuses entirely on Eva and her family. It will be a JOY and a PRIVILEGE to do this, because we know that Lindsay's meaningful words and beautiful art have helped so many people in difficult times. 

To start with, we've created a special collection in Eva Love's honor, which you can find on the website, here. Eva is everywhere in Lindsay's work, but these pieces are especially near to our hearts right now. You can click any of the pictures below to see the whole collection. 

Eva's Bouquet Abstract


1. Pray for Eva. Pray for Lindsay, Dugan, their son Phoenix, and the entire family. If you can do nothing else, your prayers still mean everything to them. Either @lindsayletters.co or @dugansherbondy's stories are the best place to find up-to-the-minute updates and prayer requests.

2. Support Lindsay Letters. Your support has always meant the world to Lindsay, but it's never mattered more than it does now. All purchases directly benefit the Sherbondy family and keep their business running during Lindsay's absence. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Joy & the LL Team