As a team, always love looking back on the previous month's best-sellers!

New pieces on the list tell us what you're connecting with and would like to see more of, and pieces that stay on the best-seller from month over month tells us something about the DNA of the LL Community.

This month we thought we'd share the five best sellers from June with you... starting with number 5 (and bonus, number 6):

Peppermint Moss and Pippa

5. & 6. Peppermint Moss + Pippa

Welcome Here Manifesto

4. Welcome Here Manifesto

Daughter Abstract

3. Daughter Abstract

Daughter Abstract

2. Sea Glass Coast

Island Storm Abstract

1. Island Storm Abstract

Island Storm is one of those pieces that's on the best-sellers list month to month... which is why we're so pleased to see Lindsay's new "Blue Crush Abstract" added to the shop! She's the perfect pair to Island Storm—extending and interpreting the movement and colors when displayed side-by-side, or standing alone as her own beautiful, wild self.

Blue Crush and Island Storm

Rising Star: Blue Crush Abstract

Blue Crush Abstract