We asked our Art Director, Laura Kackley, which question she's seeing the most often in design advice emails these days, and she said: abstract pairings!

This comes as no surprise. Who doesn't love a statement wall with beautifully balanced abstracts playing off one another?

One of our forever favorite examples is from Kindred Vintage, who curated this grouping on what we now call "the wall." 

Lindsay Letters art in Kindred Vintage's home: Blush Bungalow, Daughter, Sea Salt, Island Storm

Art by Lindsay Sherbondy

Space by Susan of Kindred Vintage

Isn't it just lovely? Susan has an amazing eye for balance and color, and her vision came together beautifully! 

She also demonstrated two great rules of thumb when creating a statement wall like this! 

(1) Go big! It helps to measure out the space with painter's tape to make sure the size you're ordering will have the impact you want. The above canvases are 30x38.

Budget tip: If you need more scale for your dollar, consider framed art prints. They come in sizes up to 24x30, and with the added mat, the finished size is 30x36 (2 inches shy of Susan's statement canvases). You'll just want to keep glare in mind with where you're hanging them, as the prints are behind glass. Canvas = no glare. 

(2) Choose an understated frame. When in doubt, consider the gallery white frame! It really allows the artwork to shine, and gives a polished, finished look.

Without further ado... here are our current favorite abstract pairings to recommend! 

Lindsay Letters Secret Garden Abstract, Wellspring Abstract

Above: Secret Garden | Wellspring

Lindsay Letters Juniper Abstract, Along the Water

Above: Juniper | Along the Water

Lindsay Letters Daughter Abstract, Blush Bungalow Abstract

Above: Daughter | Blush Bungalow

Lindsay Letters Pippa, Peppermint Moss

Above: PippaPeppermint Moss

Lindsay Letters Juliette Abstract and Cornerstone Abstract

Above: Juliette | Cornerstone

Lindsay Letters Calypso Abstract and Cannonball Abstract

Calypso | Cannonball!

Lindsay Letters Island Storm Abstract, Waterfall Abstract

Island Storm Abstract | Waterfall Abstract

Lindsay Letters Romeo Abstract and Norway Road Abstract

Romeo, Romeo | Norway Road

Lindsay Letters London Fog Abstract, Sea Salt Abstract

London Fog | Sea Salt

Lindsay Letters Waking Up Abstract, Healing Waters Abstract

Waking Up | Healing Waters