Here we are, one month later, waiting and praying for¬†Eva¬†Love,¬†who remains at the hospital in a sometimes-wakeful but still "powered down" state (as Lindsay describes¬†it)‚ÄĒresting, restoring, and demonstrating incredible progress.

Eva Love

Lindsay recently shared a series of Instagram stories with answers to FAQs about Eva's injury, which I'll summarize here.

On August 22, Eva fell off the back of a golf cart in her neighborhood. There is no explanation as to why she fell. No wild turns or sudden bumps. She just tipped off, and apparently didn't or couldn't protect her head in the fall. The idea that another factor was at play has certainly been considered. An aneurysm would have shown up on a CT scan; however, any of the strokes that showed up on her scan could have happened pre-fall.

For a little girl who ran, twirled, and skipped her way through life, it does seem strange that she landed so severely. Whenever I (Joy) have been around Eva, I've always marveled at how sure of herself she is. How quick and steady on her ever-moving feet.

Eva leaping off a balance beam

Eva on a Swing

Her exact injury was a severe ischemic brain injury secondary to herniation. Upon arrival at the ER, she had a procedure to remove part of her skull to allow room for swelling. At one point in the days that followed, her ICP (internal cranial pressure) numbers rose to 62. The highest the medical staff at that hospital had ever seen was 40. It's a miracle that she is still alive. 

On September 6th,¬†Eva¬†was successfully extubated and‚ÄĒto the surprise of her doctors‚ÄĒbegan breathing on her own, without needing a replacement tube or tracheotomy.¬†It's a miracle that she can breathe.¬†

Eva continues to make improvements that far outpace what her doctors thought possible. Lindsay writes:

My husband Dugan and I have believed God and prayed for an incredible miracle since the beginning, and we will not stop. The process is slower than we would like, but there are already surprises and progress more so than the doctors ever thought possible. She is coming back to us. Coming back from the worst brain injury the unit has ever seen. Slow and sure. We feel confident God is in this, especially because God allowed for continued brain activity. He allowed Eva to breate on her own. God and Eva decided to take on this fight, and we get a front row seat to watch His miracle at work. 

And so here we are, one month later, sitting in the front row that Dugan and Lindsay have generously and vulnerably saved for all of us. Praying with them. Hoping with them. Waiting in this "eternal now" with them.

As is Lucy, Eva's beloved dog. Lindsay took this first picture just a few hours before the accident.

Eva and Lucy

Eva and Lucy in hospital bed

As Dugan and Lindsay continue to spend days and nights at the hospital, the Lindsay Letters team continues at work, grateful for this opportunity to continue stewarding the Sherbondys' small business while they focus on their family. This part, running the business, is a true pleasure, because we all believe that Lindsay's art is an important gift to the world, and we continue to hear stories of how her art has comforted and inspired others in the difficult, messy, and even brutal moments of their lives as well. 

Like Lindsay wrote in her "About" page: 

Art isn't only for rich people or fancy people or bloggers. Art isn't the icing on the cake for when everything else in your life is perfect. Art matters ‚Äď what you surround yourself with every day matters. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I know the positive impact art can have first-hand, and I can say with confidence that what you put on the four walls you stare at most can be a real game-changer.¬†You are worthy of meaningful art, and I would be so honored if the special pieces you decide to invest in would be some of mine!

Rainbow Daydream Canvas

Rainbow Daydream Print

Shortly after we curated The Eva Love collection, I asked Laura if I could send her some of the pieces to photograph, to show them some extra honor and love. 

Laura went above and beyond what I could have imagined, and the results are truly incredible. It gives me so much joy to see Lindsay's work celebrated this thoughtfully and beautifully. It's art within art, really! Even if you've shopped the collection already, I think you'll love going back and seeing the new images. 

There are also a couple of additions to the collection! Like "Great Big World," which reads: There is a GREAT BIG WORLD out there, just waiting to be loved by you. 

(You might wonder how we could have missed this one until now, but Lindsay is an extremely prolific artist. There are so many to choose from!) 

Great Big World

"Great Big World" canvas in Perfect Peach, framed in Gallery White

The verse in this "Be Brave" canvas is Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Lindsay wrote in the description:

I have always wanted to live a brave life ‚Äď of trust and adventure and not of fear. But these words and this scripture took on a whole new meaning once I became a parent. I pray this scripture over Eva all the time, and I hope it strikes a chord in you as well.

"Hello Sweet Beautiful Girl" in a nursery

Love, Imagine, Play, Repeat

Before you go take a look, here are a couple more LL updates:

- Per tradition, the brand new holiday collection (as well as timeless Christmas favorites) will launch the night of October 31 (Halloween night). Mark your calendar! Holiday is always the highlight of the year at LL, but this year is very special and personal, as Lindsay painted pieces for it in stolen moments at the hospital. And we're photographing it in her own home, for the first time. Laura and I both arrive in Sun Prairie tomorrow and she'll be shooting through Thursday. I'll be sure to share some behind-the-scenes of the shoot, so watch your stories in the next couple of days. 

-¬†In addition to some changes to the¬†Eva¬†Love Collection, I've featured a few more of Lindsay's pieces in both¬†Abstract Art¬†and¬†Lettered Art¬†‚ÄĒ including the¬†"God is Stronger"¬†lettered piece that I referenced in the first update after the accident.¬†

This was an especially long newsletter, but there was a lot to share! Thank you for reading! Please know I'm organizing and passing along the emails I've received for Dugan and Lindsay. And if there's anything we can help with regarding an order, please always reach out. We always love the opportunity to serve Lindsay's lovely customers!

With Love,

Joy & the LL Team