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14 Nov 2019

🌵"Wild one, you will never go alone."

Many of you will be familiar with "Rainbow Daydream," which Lindsay drew a couple of years ago as an artistic imagining of what Eva's dreams look like. It's become the most well-loved piece of art in the LL shop for 2019—and for such good, beautiful reason.
23 Sep 2019

🦄 Eva, Art, Beauty, Miracles.

Here we are, one month later, waiting and praying for Eva Love, who remains at the hospital in a sometimes-wakeful but still "powered down" state (as Lindsay describes it)—resting, restoring, and demonstrating incredible progress.
31 Aug 2019

Eva Update: Never Underestimate the Power of Hope

Since the last LL newsletter, Eva has remained in a coma in critical condition. Some moments have been joyful and full of hope, and others have felt scary and sad. The stories pouring in from people who have cared for loved ones with a traumatic brain injuries say yes, that's what it feels like in the immediate aftermath: a roller coaster of emotions that all feel ultimate.