Hello, friends! The 2020 Holiday Collection launches on Thursday! In the meantime, we have some fun shop news and updates that have been a looooong time coming. Live today at The Art Bar® are two beautiful new frames – Gallery Aged Brass Frame for canvases, and the darling Natural Wood Frame for prints. We're also thrilled to announce that our unframed art prints received a beautiful upgrade to our new Cotton Luxe Paper, and will be shipping in flat mailers (per popular request!).

Read below for all the details! 

New Art Print Frame: Natural Wood

This beautiful and understated Natural Wood Frame is the new darling of the group. You'll love the subtle grain of the light wood, which is sealed but not stained, allowing the natural beauty of the Pine to speak for itself. No two frames are exactly alike! You can find the Natural Wood frame on every art print in The Art Bar® at Lindsay Letters Co. Go see it on "Here is the World," here.

natural wood frame

 New Canvas Frame: Gallery Aged Brass

This new gallery finishing is an understated, moody metallic that adds a subtle shimmer to the face of an otherwise matte black frame. While it’s not an in-your-face yellow-gold, it adds an unexpected little something special to your artwork — especially when the light hits it just right. It's available now on all framed canvases in the Art Bar—go see it in the Christmas Classics Collection! Below is a photo of it in direct sunlight, on Bind My Wandering Heart. (In dimly lit rooms, the frame will appear more matte bronze, less shiny/metallic).

gallery aged brass frame

 Cotton Luxe Paper & Flat Shipping!

And last, but totally not least: An epic art print UPGRADE! Fine Art Prints are central to the history and mission of Lindsay Letters, and the quality and experience of receiving them is so important to us! We're thrilled to say that all unframed art prints have now been upgraded to a beautiful new paper, Cotton Luxe, and will be shipping in flat mailers instead of rolled.

Thank you, dear customers, for your patience in this! We want you to have the best possible experience with LL from start to finish, and we firmly believe that experience ends with not having to mess around with a rolly-uppy Art Print. Amen.

Cotton Luxe is a beautiful, cream-colored, heavyweight (105#) archival paper that boasts a perfect subtle texture and matte finish, helping the art to shine as if it were the original piece. When we were discussing how to describe this paper, Laura said "I just want people to know it's really, really pretty." So naturally, we thought about calling it "Really Pretty Paper," but figured we'd reserve that for it's in-house pet name. ;o)

Cotton Luxe

Stylist's Tip: Wondering what size unframed print to choose? If you're ordering an abstract piece as an art print, we highly recommend the 11x14 and finding a frame with a substantial mat. You'll love how it looks on the new textured paper!

You can browse abstracts, here. (Every piece in the Art Bar® is offered as a canvas or art print, framed or unframed.)

That's it for now! Don't forget that the Holiday Launch is Thursday, 10/29/20! Christmas is coming early and we are READY for it!