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18 Apr 2019

Picks for Mom!

blog post by lindsay sherbondy

It's funny, I've been a mom for 7+ years now, and I still forget that Mother's Day actually involves me! Usually I just think about it as it relates to my own mom and MIL... but now, it's my day, too! This realization changes the way I think about gift-giving for the moms out there. It's no longer a day for corsages and brunch... it's become much more personal, I think. 

Lindsay & Family + Crazies Art

Me + My fam | Me & My Crazies Art
Now of course, we don't need gifts. Our kids and our families are enough, right? BUT ALSO.... it's really fun to be able to treat yourself, too. 

Heritage Printable

Heritage Canvas at Desk

Heritage Art – Printable Version |  Art Print & Canvas
Also pictured with Norway Road Canvas Print and Cheery Chickens Canvas Print

Cheery Chickens Canvas

So I've curated a little collection of things I'd love to treat myself with – both things at LindsayLetters.Co, as well as other fun gift and goodies! Including this sweet Milkglass Floral Canvas Print...

Milkglass Floral Canvas

May I also suggest you check out the full collection of Floral Art – because the only thing better than flowers is flowers that never die! Something new to is this awesome Believe In Someone Art Printable that works not only for mom, but for any and all of the amazing women in your life!

A sure-fire way to change the world is to believe in someone

Shop the full collection of Mother's Day Picks from the shop for my favorite picks. Happy Mother's Day, Mammas! xo, lindsay

p.s. want even more fun gift ideas for yourself or Mom? Follow my Picks for Mom board on Pinterest! Here are a few of my faves...

I've already bought multiples of this beautiful coffee table book to gift!

Woman of Color

This is my absolute favorite hi-lighter. I love that it doesn't add any color – just shimmer!

Pearl Hilighter

And who doesn't need a mini pink kitchen scale? No one. 

Pink Kitchen Scale

 (Don't forget to head over to my Picks for Mom board!)

14 Dec 2015

2015 Holiday Home Tours & Lindsay Letters!

blog post by lindsay sherbondy

the decor fix : holiday home tour / Lindsay Letters Pine On Snow Art

One of the things I love most about this season is the decking-the-halls part of Christmas. Jesus truly is the reason for the season and I know it's not all about the muss and fuss of making a space beautiful, but for someone that is creatively inspired by spaces, getting to see all these homes in their festive best delights me to my creative core. And I think at the very heart of this holiday decorating is the effort of hospitality. We want to make our homes appealing and cozy, to welcome in our friends and families and communities, giving them a place to feel celebratory and joyful. And you know what I say to that? HOORAY!!!!

the decor fix : holiday home tour / Lindsay Letters Soul Felt Its Worth Art 

I also really love getting to see all the various styles of decorating. It's so fun to see how people's personalities come to life in the way they decorate their homes. Cozy, quirky, moody, fancy, rustic, and everything in between. I also love that this isn't about money spent or even loads of time. So many of these home tours I've had the privilege of being a tiny part of are more about working with what you have, in the time you have, and throwing in a few creative DIYs to round it all out. 

city farmhouse : simple tips for outdoor decorating / Lindsay Letters Blizzard Campfire Mug

city farmhouse : cozy christmas cabin house tour
Lindsay Letters White Christmas Snow Typography Art / Lindsay Letters Spark In The Woods Abstract Art

life on virginia street : preppy plaid holiday home tour // Lindsay Letters It Is Well Art

Lindsay Letters The Original O Holy Night Art

Lindsay Letters Bethlehem Art

Lindsay Letters Doxology Art

inspired by charm : holiday home tour 2015

LL buddy singing loud print / LL buddy the elf print

paige knudsen : merry christmas! welcome to our home / LL pine on snow canvas

Paige pinned the pine on snow postcard from the LL abstract postcard set on to her beautifully curated board. Actually, it seems that Pine on Snow Watercolor ended up being a blogger favorite this year! (You can see it over at Restoration House Interiors, too!) And I'm thrilled. I love creating those abstracts as part of the LL Canvas Shop, and it's really satisfying for me to see those pieces in different homes and styled in so many different ways!
And on that note, just a little thank you to everyone who has welcomed my art into their home this year. That truly is the best part of my job – I LOVE seeing you love it, and making these pieces your own. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I hope this little sampling of holiday homes leaves you feeling inspired and expectant for what this season holds for you. Whether you're going to be entertaining large groups or snuggled in as a cozy few, my prayer is that you are enjoying these moments in a space that feels like "you." A very festive you. If you find yourself with some time, or are curious about other elements in these photos, please do click on the links for the original home tours. And if you do, better pour yourself some hot cocoa first – you're about to get lost in dreamy lands of garland and love!
xo, lindsay 
p.s. keep sharing! don't forget to tag @lindsay_letters on instagram!