Do you live outside of our current shipping areas? For years we've tried to figure out how to serve you well! For a small business like ours, shipping overseas is expensive, like really really expensive... and, honestly, unreliable (for our specific business). Our products are fragile, and not packaged to withstand a global journey across months... more like, a cross continent journey across days. But you are important to us! And we would be honored for LL to be a part of your home abroad! We've been hard at work for months to come up with the perfect solution, and it's finally here!

And so, without further ado, here's our exciting announcement!:

Starting August 19, visitors to from outside of the U.S. or Canada will be prompted to shop our new collection of Fine Art Downloads – exclusively for our International clients! While international shipping on our delicate products remains formidable, we are proud & grateful to offer these downloads exclusively for LL clients who live outside of our shipping zones. (Joy actually wrote that but she's a professional writer so she knows words like "formidable.")

Your purchase of a Fine Art Download includes several high-resolution JPEG files of my original artwork (some paintings, some lettering and designs), and it will come in several sizes based on the size bucket you've selected: small, medium, large. We've tried to make the process super easy for you to find the size that works best both with your specific space, as well as your geographic location. Here's how a product listing looks:

Fine Art Download Screen Shot

After selecting your size of choice and placing your order, your artwork will be immediately available to you. Just as if you were placing an order for a physical piece of art, we strongly encourage you to find a space for your art and measure before you purchase, so that way you know about what scale you'll be looking for. This is espcially important because you are unable to print the files larger than the size you purchase. (For one, it would look bad, for two, it's unlawful). You can rest easy though, because as long as you know about what size you want, you'll receive several files within that grouping that will work with European sizing (A sizes), Standard imperial sizes, and also a handful of IKEA frame options (we chose IKEA because they ship worldwide, and it's a widely known and accessible source! We don't get any financial kickbacks on those frames, but we love them, and know you will too!).

The sizing starts at around 11x14 sizing (larger than a home printer), and you will get the most bang for your buck, and be happiest with your product, if you have the files professionally printed. Do a bit of research in your area – you can use a local corner print shop or a big box store, whatever works best for you. You'll just email the file, along with the print release, and tell them to print the file at the size that the file you downloaded. (The files are titled with the size, and you can also refer back to the product listing). There are also great options online where you can upload your artwork and have it printed on canvas or paper – just do some googling! You can print them on any size canvas or printer, and we've recently seen people using vinyl for large format art. It's not my personal preference but it's your art now to (personally, without financial gain) do what you like with! You get one print with your purchase, and our team is standing by if you have any questions in the unlimited sea of choices!

We've started with a collection of our best sellers, but if you don't see your favorite right away, not to worry! The collection will continue to expand on a per-request basis! Simply email with your request.

For more details on our Fine Art Downloads International Collection, you can visit this Help Desk article!

LL is founded out of the belief that everyone is that everyone is worthy of beautiful, meaningful, attainable art. We thank you for your patience and hope that this new offering blesses you and your walls!

International Downloads

International Download

International Download

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Please be sure to email us photos, or tag us on social media! We just can't wait to see how you incorporate LL art into your home!
Questions? Don't hesitate to ask! (We'd love your feedback!)