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29 Oct 2020

The 2020 Holiday Home Collection

blog post by laura kackley


 I'll be home for christmas

Christmas in 2020 is a holiday season like none any of us have experienced. Life holds many uncertainties, but this collection of art is built on the comforts of the season we can count on – familiar colors and textures, beautiful words and nostalgic imagery... a flickering candle, a messenger angel, quiet carols in the background... all signs that point to a time when we gather to remember that Jesus came to meet us in this place. So let's cling to that Hope, let's cozy up in our homes with our people, and let's create bits of light wherever we can! 


All oppression shall cease (Farmhouse Canvas Co.)

Forge Ahead Abstract

"Christmas is wide enough to hold big tensions - of pain and peace, joy to the world, but sorrow for all that is still broken. The tension of waiting & longing but knowing that Christmas means that the Messiah has come, victory is his, and someday all will be made right, in Jesus' holy name." 

Christmas Tensions & Joy

Balsam & Berries Abstract

Bittersweet & Wild Chicory Botanical | Petite Pano Pines Abstract

Climb Every Mountain Abstract

Remembrance Candle | Take Heart (John 16:33)

Christmas Isn't Just a Day

In the same way that getting ourselves dressed up and ready can uplift our mood, the same can be said about our homes. I hope this collection inspires you to invest time and thought into your holiday home—not to keep up with anyone's expectations, but as an act of self-care, and hope, and celebration. 


Mountain View Engraving, 1985

Holiday Bouquet Abstract

Hark the Herald | Heavenly Night Abstract

Angel Sketch

You can customize and shop all the pieces in the 2020 Holiday Collection, here!

I'm wishing you a beautiful Christmas, friend! You are worthy of every good and lovely thing this season has to offer.

xo, lindsay 

23 Oct 2020

Holiday 2020 Sneak Peek

blog post by Joy Neal

Holiday Home Collection

The 2020 Holiday Collection lands in the shop on Thursday, October 29 at 7 PM, CST., and is an absolute treat for the eyes and the soul. Lindsay has created a beautiful collection of art that's at once merry and bright, traditional and fresh.


Enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the collection came together, and a sneak peek of what's coming on Thursday!


Laura's Moodboard

A Page from Lindsay's Notebook

The New Christmas Color Palette

At the Shoot

Lindsay and the Tree

Lindsay's HandsLaura ShootingDetail

At the Shoot

"It's time to start transitioning our mindsets from the confinement of home to the beauty and blessing of home." 

xo, lindsay