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15 Nov 2022

For Eva & From Eva, on her Birthday

blog post by Lindsay Sherbondy

Eva's Manifesto

Ever since her accident, Eva has been non-verbal. That is to say, she can't speak in words. But she's incredibly communicative to those of us that know her. And, lucky for us, in the seven-and-a-half years that Eva was alive before the accident, she laid a legacy for herself. She paved a colorful, brick-laden path for the rest of her life with all the love and hugs and gushiness and togetherness and inclusiveness you could possibly pack into a lifetime.

Eva was born to love. She never met a stranger. She walked to the beat of her own drum. She can't tell us in words now, but we know this to be even more true now than it was then. How do we know? Because we know, undoubtedly, that she knows Jesus in an incredibly personal way now. And when you take Eva's love, plus the love of Jesus... well. That packs a punch.

Someone wrote me recently and asked, absurdly, why we allow her to go on like this. I'm not going to get into that now (or maybe ever), but here's what I know for sure: God has a plan and a purpose for her life. I'll be honest and say that I broke down crying in her bed last night. We usually try to keep it upbeat and encouraging for her. (Real, but positive). But last night when talking about her birthday plans, all I could manage to say was I am so sorry, and you deserve so much better than this. Period.

Yet, here we are. She's here. And she's determined to be here. I am aware that we can't always take credit for our own survival. We can't always will ourselves out of sickness. When I almost died of septic shock, I didn't awake from a coma because I'm “such a fighter.” I am a fighter, but it's hard to fight when you're in a coma. My organs bounced back because that's what God had for me. It had nothing to do with my will. But for Eva, I think something about her survival has been dependent on her will. I know she hasn't let go yet. She's had a lot of illnesses where she really could have given us any indication she was mentally done, that she just couldn’t do it anymore, but she didn't. She just didn't. If anything, she’d get a twinkle in her eye or crack a smile the literal moment I was crumbling to the ground. She's in it. For now, and hopefully for a long time. 

And so, why? Why would this little girl that was so full of life, who never sat still, who lost her mind any time she had to get one single shot, who knew not a personal spatial boundary or stranger... why would she want to stay here, on this earth? Like this? And the only conclusion we can come up with is because she knows that she is here for a reason. She was created to bring life and love. And she knows something we can all learn from her — that our circumstances aren't meant to inhibit our calling. Eva brings life and love differently now, but just as much. Arguably, she's got a broader reach from her wheelchair and bed than she had before.

Is it worth it? Gosh no. I told her last night I'd trade places with her in a second if I could. That I'd give anything for her to have a "regular kid" life. But it's just not how the cards fell. I'm not sure if God picked this for her… I don't know how that works. But I know that He allowed it. And I know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8). So yeah, she's here for a reason. She's here to love. I believe it's what keeps her going. It keeps us all going, too. Unfortunately, probably most of the time, our lives have very little to do with us. Eva gets it, and we are trying to learn from her every day.

There are so many of you that have so graciously followed along over these last few years. The prayers, the good vibes, the thoughtful comments, the cards, the drawings, the gifts, the stories from your kids (shoutout to Noah) – all of those have been lifelines for us! I look at many of them often, taped all over the walls of her room, and I think about all the kids out there that she'd give smothering hugs to if she could. But since she can't, I thought and prayed about what Eva might say, if she could. To all the kids that have prayed for her, made her feel welcome at school or church, sent her sweet notes and pictures... and to the kids she's never met, especially the ones that might be hurting. The ones with a diagnosis. The ones who don't know where they fit in. The ones who feel alone.

This is for them, and this is for ALL of you. With love, from Eva. 

“Hey, you! Yes, YOU! You are an amazing, wonderful, perfectly made, beautiful, strong, heart and soul of a human. 

You probably don't even understand how incredible you are.
BUT TRUST ME! – You are!

And also –
Your value in this world is immeasurable. (That's a LOT!)

On your best days
On the hard days
on every day.

You are enough. Just as you are.”

Eva's Manifesto Print

28 Jul 2022

Large-Scale Art in the LL Dining Room

blog post by Joy Neal

Space CowgirlSpace CowgirlBeach HolidayBeach HolidayCheckerboardRainbow ChecksPlant ShopEvergreen

Top to Bottom:
p.s. for some great tips on maximizing small spaces, check out this helpful article by Redfin, featuring Lindsay Letters!
27 May 2022

The 2022 Water Collection

blog post by Lindsay Sherbondy

Sparkling Water

the water collection is here

For the last several years, we've created a collection for you around the theme of water. Water can mean a lot of different things to people. You might hear "water" and think of the beach, the pool, a lake... you might think of the ocean, or a cold glass in your hand, or a refreshing shower, or even baptism. Water is essential for everyday life, and we also associate it with luxury and leisure. Because water does feel so meaningful, and maybe especially because (to my Midwestern heart) it signifies that SUMMER is here, I think it might be my favorite collection to create! I also love creating things I know you're going to like, and I know you're going to love this one!!!

2022 Water Collection

This year's collection is a little more dialed in. The mood board that Laura created (below) before I started painting really helped us hone in on a color palette where everything truly does incorporate seamlessly together. It's meant to feel refreshing, cool, effortless, and happy. There are some warmer tones and neutrals mixed in with the blues, which feel easier to incorporate into a home year-round even if you don't live in a lake house or near an ocean! 

The MoodboardMoodboard

The Collection

easy, everyday pieces

We try to be intentional about not depending on the architecture of a home to showcase Lindsay Letters artwork. We want these pieces to work for you whether you live in a dream home or a dorm room, a brownstone or builder grade... wherever! So we set up little scenes and change or paint a few backgrounds to create a sense of space. Throughout this shoot I kept thinking, I don't know where this is, but I know I want to be there...

Creamsicle Isle

Set of Four Art Prints

acid washed

... and that's the heart of what art is trying to do, right? It sets the tone for a space. It can transport you, it can calm you, it can make you more content within your own four walls. No matter what, it makes you feel something. And we hope you love the way the pieces from this collection make you feel. 

click here

p.s. We just rolled out an exciting new feature on the website, currently available exclusively on The 2022 Water Collection! Now as you're shopping you can select your preferred view: styled (which is the default), simple, or art print. We think it's super fun and helpful, but we'd love to know what you think about it! Leave us a comment or drop us an email: hello@lindsayletters.co.

preferred view 

Check it out! →

21 Mar 2022

💛💙 It's World Down Syndrome Day!

blog post by Melissa Shutwell

Melissa and Augie

Melissa from Team LL here, with two things!

First, I want you to meet my son, Augie! 🥰 He’s a vibrant, smart, and curious 6 year old who lights up any room he walks into, loves dinosaurs & books & ice cream, and is one of the strongest, hardest working, and most determined little boys! He also happens to have Down syndrome. 

Which leads me to the second thing… today is kind of a big deal! It’s World Down Syndrome Day! 🎉🎉🎉

3 / 21 represents the third replication of the 21st chromosome, which is Trisomy 21, or more commonly known as Down syndrome. Today, we join with our friends, family, and the Down syndrome community to raise awareness of Down syndrome and advocate for acceptance and inclusion. 

My hope and desire for Augie is that he is always welcomed, valued and included. That he would be accepted for who he is — and that his differences can be celebrated. Lindsay’s Welcome Here Manifesto is a beautiful representation of what it means to have a heart to welcome all people. It’s one of my all-time favorite Lindsay Letters pieces because the words resonate so deeply, and because Augie inspired the inclusion of the word “chromosomes”!

In honor of Augie and the entire Down Syndrome Community, we have two special things happening at LindsayLetters.Co today, March 21!

🎉 Use code MANIFESTO at checkout for 15% off The Manifestos Collection, including “Welcome Here” (today only)!

🎉 On behalf of the Lindsay Letters Community, we’ll be donating 21% of the profits from The Manifestos Collection to The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) @thedsdn!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day, friends! 💛💙💛

xo, Melissa

Use code MANIFESTO at checkout for 15% off this collection! → 21% of the profits from this flash sale will be donated to The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. (Note: This sale ended 3/22/22.)

07 Mar 2022

Plant Shop Collection - Coming 03.10!

blog post by Joy Neal

Plant Shop Collection - Coming Soon

Lindsay's 2022 Spring art line launches this Thursday evening, March 10—and we cannot WAIT to share it with you! The Plant Shop Collection is full of fresh, plant-inspired pieces that will bring so much life to your walls and home. Whether you're a plant mama through-and-through or you admire plants from a distance (we can't all have green thumbs), we know you're going to absolutely love this one.

Here are a few tips on how to get ready for the Spring launch event!

📏 Take inventory, and measure. Make a little note in your notebook or on your phone of which walls & spaces you're shopping for, and the sizes you need. For example, I have a wall in my bedroom that needs one large canvas (30x38), plus two prints in my hallway that I'd like to change out for the season (8x10s), plus a spot above my towels in my bathroom for a framed art print (11x14).

Sign up for texts, if you haven't yet. We may send out an early access link on Thursday to our text subscribers, so get on our list!

🎵 Queue up the playlist! Dugan is our resident collection deejay, and his Plant Shop Collection playlist is ready to enjoy on Spotify now, here!

👯‍♂️ Refer a friend & earn points. If you have a friend who loves plants (or art, or sales) as much as you do, tell them about the Plant Shop Collection collection that's coming, and include your referral link!

If you haven't signed up for our Rewards Program yet, now is a good time to do so! Once you create an account, click over to rewards and select "refer my friends." You'll get a referral code that you can copy & paste for your friends... giving them $10 off and you $10 worth of Rewards credit!

Ready for some sneak peeks?!

must love plants

Above: Our good friend Brooke from Nesting With Grace got an early look at the collection and fell in love with Rainbow Checks. She included it in her guest room renovation, so we made it live on the site a little early for her crowd. It looks so perfect within the collection — a burst of happy color that we know will incorporate into so many spaces!

plant Shop

Above: The title piece of the collection, Plant Shop, was the very first piece Lindsay created for this collection, and the team favorite. Keep your eye out for this one, it's really special!

Excited to see more? The Plant Shop Collection (full of abstracts, lettered pieces, typography, and touches of fun & fresh vintage art) launches Thursday evening, March 10! Remember to take inventory of your walls & measure, sign up for texts, and send a plant-y friend your referral link!