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07 Dec 2021

Some Gifts I'm Excited to Give!

blog post by Lindsay Sherbondy

Some Gifts I'm Excited to Give

Giving gifts is truly one of my very favorite things to do! I especially love pairing or bundling things together for a gift – I think it feels extra special and complete that way. In case you're in the marker for some ideas, I wanted to share some of my favorite bundling ideas for gifts. I hope you see the perfect idea for someone on your list, or to have on hand for an impromptu gifting opportunity. (I know having on-hand gifts always serves me so well!) Plus, don't forget the service people in your lives! Scroll on down to see my ideas... (Oh, and even if you got the email last night, there's a bonus addition at the end of this post!)

Art Easel

✨ Abstract Mini Canvas + Easel » Perhaps one of the gifts I'm most excited about isn't what you'd think... it's this great, modern easel! Laura's sister Kara turned us on to this great Amazon find, and it's proven to be the perfect thing to hold up our 8x10 Abstract Mini canvases. We use it again and again. Art can be intimidating to purchase for people, but if you gift an Abstract Mini canvas and the easel, they can just pop the art anywhere it works!

Mele Kalikimaka

✨ Candle + Mini Print Bundle » Next up in the lineup are our delightful candles. YUM. They already come bundled with a mini print, so you don't really need to add anything to make it feel complete. (But who doesn't love pretty matches, or a lovely snuffer?!)

Buddy Mug

✨ Buddy Campfire Mug + Holiday Sticker Pack » Exciting news!! Right now when you add a Buddy Campfire Mug to your cart, you'll see a Holiday Sticker pack in there, too—free!!! What a perfect gift for the Christmas movie lover on your list.

Comfort and Joy

✨ Comfort & Joy Hoodie + Carhartt Beanie » This Comfort & Joy hoodie is the holiday sweatshirt I'm most excited both to wear and to gift this year. It's festive, but in a pretty color that will wear well long into the winter. (And it's soooo buttery soft!) Tie it with a bow or top it off with this nicely priced Carhartt beanie. (My favorite is the dusk purple!)

Comfort and Joy

✨ Christmas Tensions + Watercolors » The holidays can be a tender time for anyone who's experienced loss. I love the idea of gifting this mini print along with my favorite watercolors for a thoughtful gift. (Aren't watercolors the most calming & therapeutic of art supplies?!)


✨ Blanket + Fuzzy Socks » We all have that person in our life who loves SOFT THINGS (like my Eva girl), and this gift pairing is for them!

Stay Golden

✨ Stay Golden Print + Eye Mask » I got this eye mask for all the women on my team (shhh don't tell), and I think it would be super cute paired with our favorite Color Theory print, Stay Golden.

They broke Bread

✨ They Broke Bread Tea Towel + Bread Board » Our tea towels were really popular this year, but we were able to restock some more of this one, and I think it would make such a warm and friendly gift.

✨ Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is my most favorite (slow fashion) brand, ABLE. Here's a little collection of some of my favorite things they create, including leather bags, rings, and a few wardrobe staples. The items in this collection are products I actually own, and so I promise they are my tried and true favorites. If you use code LINDSAYLETTERS20, you'll get 20% off, plus you'll get $10 for every $100 spent in your account for future purchases! If you're gifting to someone you REALLY love, I would pair it with the Welcome Here Candle bundle. (it's in our secret product vault, but available to you!) It smells like a walk through the woods while you also smell good from a fresh shower. If that makes sense. Just trust me, it's perfectly mild and perfectly delightful.

hope this helped


P.S. Our Holiday order cutoff is December 8th, so make sure you finish up your LL gift shopping!

17 Nov 2021

Holiday Homes Featuring Lindsay Letters

blog post by Joy Neal

Kindred Vintage

Susan of Kindred Vintage has incorporated many of Lindsay's pieces into her holiday mantles over the years, and it's always such an honor! This year she selected Candles Aglow — a piece that pops off white walls or looks right at home in the drama of Susan's textured and moody walls.

Customize & Order Candles Aglow | Visit Shop all of Susan's LL Favorites

Inspired By Charm Mantle

Inspired By Charm Magazine

Michael of Inspired By Charm is one of those social media friends we'd love to live next door to — he's so kind, so supportive, and so endlessly creative. We were thrilled to see his 2020 mantle (featuring Petite Pano Pines) in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine!

Customize & Order Petite Pano Pines | Visit | Shop Michael's LL Favorites.

 Nesting with Grace - Flocks By Night

Nesting With Grace - Birch

Brooke from Nesting With Grace is an endless source of inspiration! We love seeing pieces from the 2021 Holiday Collection peppered throughout her new home, as well as in her parents' dining room makeover (two photos above).

Customize & Order Flocks by Night or Glowing Birch | Visit | Shop Brooke's Favorites

We hope you enjoyed this peek into some inspiring homes, and be sure to tag us in photos of LL artwork in your home over the holidays! We love re-posting your Instagram stories featuring LL artwork, especially around Christmas. 

Shop the 2021 Holiday Collection | Shop All Holiday Art

31 Oct 2021

The 2021 Holiday Collection

blog post by Lindsay Sherbondy

2021 holiday collection - feels like home
26 Aug 2021

Introducing: Fine Art Downloads for our friends Abroad!

blog post by Lindsay Sherbondy

Do you live outside of our current shipping areas? For years we've tried to figure out how to serve you well! For a small business like ours, shipping overseas is expensive, like really really expensive... and, honestly, unreliable (for our specific business). Our products are fragile, and not packaged to withstand a global journey across months... more like, a cross continent journey across days. But you are important to us! And we would be honored for LL to be a part of your home abroad! We've been hard at work for months to come up with the perfect solution, and it's finally here!

And so, without further ado, here's our exciting announcement!:

Starting August 19, visitors to from outside of the U.S. or Canada will be prompted to shop our new collection of Fine Art Downloads – exclusively for our International clients! While international shipping on our delicate products remains formidable, we are proud & grateful to offer these downloads exclusively for LL clients who live outside of our shipping zones. (Joy actually wrote that but she's a professional writer so she knows words like "formidable.")

Your purchase of a Fine Art Download includes several high-resolution JPEG files of my original artwork (some paintings, some lettering and designs), and it will come in several sizes based on the size bucket you've selected: small, medium, large. We've tried to make the process super easy for you to find the size that works best both with your specific space, as well as your geographic location. Here's how a product listing looks:

Fine Art Download Screen Shot

After selecting your size of choice and placing your order, your artwork will be immediately available to you. Just as if you were placing an order for a physical piece of art, we strongly encourage you to find a space for your art and measure before you purchase, so that way you know about what scale you'll be looking for. This is espcially important because you are unable to print the files larger than the size you purchase. (For one, it would look bad, for two, it's unlawful). You can rest easy though, because as long as you know about what size you want, you'll receive several files within that grouping that will work with European sizing (A sizes), Standard imperial sizes, and also a handful of IKEA frame options (we chose IKEA because they ship worldwide, and it's a widely known and accessible source! We don't get any financial kickbacks on those frames, but we love them, and know you will too!).

The sizing starts at around 11x14 sizing (larger than a home printer), and you will get the most bang for your buck, and be happiest with your product, if you have the files professionally printed. Do a bit of research in your area – you can use a local corner print shop or a big box store, whatever works best for you. You'll just email the file, along with the print release, and tell them to print the file at the size that the file you downloaded. (The files are titled with the size, and you can also refer back to the product listing). There are also great options online where you can upload your artwork and have it printed on canvas or paper – just do some googling! You can print them on any size canvas or printer, and we've recently seen people using vinyl for large format art. It's not my personal preference but it's your art now to (personally, without financial gain) do what you like with! You get one print with your purchase, and our team is standing by if you have any questions in the unlimited sea of choices!

We've started with a collection of our best sellers, but if you don't see your favorite right away, not to worry! The collection will continue to expand on a per-request basis! Simply email with your request.

For more details on our Fine Art Downloads International Collection, you can visit this Help Desk article!

LL is founded out of the belief that everyone is that everyone is worthy of beautiful, meaningful, attainable art. We thank you for your patience and hope that this new offering blesses you and your walls!

International Downloads

International Download

International Download

Rah Rah Rocket

Please be sure to email us photos, or tag us on social media! We just can't wait to see how you incorporate LL art into your home!
Questions? Don't hesitate to ask! (We'd love your feedback!)

28 Jun 2021

The Abstract American Flag 🇺🇸

blog post by Joy Neal

Lindsay's Abstract American Flag has a really special place in our hearts. Classic and fresh, timeless and artful, it is (in the words of reviewer Heather P.) "the absolute perfect American flag."

Abstract American Flag Canvas

The sight of the stars & stripes waving against a blue sky is something that can't be improved on. But there is something about Lindsay's painting that really captures my (Joy's) heart and imagination.

It is "perfectly imperfect," which reminds me of that insightful phrase from the Constitution: "more perfect."

Alabaster Saltwash Flag

American Flag Print

In art, as in so many things (faith, home, family, work, community, citizenship): process is everything, and there is no finish line called "perfect." It would be impossible to define what perfection would even look like... especially if you asked more than one person! 

But to leave something more beautiful—more lovely, more just, more excellent, more fair, more honoring, more loving, more cared for—as a result of our having participated and invested in it: that's a really worthy goal. Will it be perfect? Never. But it will be more perfect.

Saltwash Flag

Helping you create a more beautiful life and home is really the heart and mission of Lindsay Letters®. Not for the sake of keeping up with appearances or someone else's standards, but to surround you with beauty, comfort, and inspiration, as you create a more beautiful world around you, in your own way.

American Flag Frame TV

We're thrilled to say that both the Abstract American Flag and Alabaster Saltwash Flag are now offered as Frame TV art—in addition to canvas, print, and download! If you're drawn to it, you have all of the options to make it your very own!

Wishing you a happy, safe, beauty-filled Fourth of July weekend, friends!


Joy & Team